A Beginner’s Guide To Hair Pieces

This is a complete guideline with everything you need to know about hair pieces and extensions. You don’t have to worry about being a newbie.Hopefully, you will have better hair days from now henceforth. Let’s start with a better understanding of what hair pieces and extensions are.

woman with long brown hairIf you are reading this, you might have a clue of what they are but let’s dive right into it. Basically, as the name suggests, hair extensions are pieces of hair manufactured into different lengths and colors to add to your own hair. Most people who use hair pieces just want to add a little length to their hair, especially if it’s short and are not willing to wait for it to grow. Hair extensions also add volume to your hair. These hair pieces can either be real human hair or the artificial type. Of course, the real hair is of higher quality than the rest and definitely more expensive. There are a few myths about hair extensions you might have heard but this article will debunk them for you. First, you might have been informed that hair extensions are quite painful to add to your hair. This is definitely not true. Any hair additions such as weaves might be painful since the hair needs to be plaited first but the same can’t be said for hair extensions. However, you need to put in the hair pieces perfectly if you don’t want to feel any pain.

Secondly, if you are worried that adding hair extensions will damage your hair, you shouldn’t be. Of course, if you don’t apply them correctly and take proper care for them, there might be some damage to your hair. If this happens, the extensions might be tangled up and difficult to remove eventually. Therefore, apply them appropriately and take better care of them just like you would to your natural hair. You might have heard that wearing extensions might make you go bald but this is wrong too. If you let a professional add your extensions for you, there is no need for your hair to be ripped out. There are lots of people who are doing this and they still rock a full head of hair, so don’t be left out. Now that these common myths have been debunked, you need to choose the right hair extensions for you.

When choosing a hair piece, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. These include your hair color, hair length, the natural volume of your hair and overall consistency. For instance, if your hair is wavy and you choose to straighten it in order to add extensions, if you choose to go back to the wavy hair, the extensions will still remain straight. Therefore, your hair will look a little off.

In summary, choosing hair extensions is very easy. Don’t be confused by the several options available. Eventually with the right hair piece and extension, your hair will look fabulous all through!

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